Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa requirement for citizens of Norway

Vietnam visa requirement for citizens of Norway

 To discover the beautiful land of Vietnam and learn about people here, the easiest way is to apply Vietnam visa. All citizens of Norway o r any nationality who wish to enter Vietnam must know the purpose and types of visas.

You have to make it clear to the government agencies involved in Vietnam or the quickest way is to contact us at our website (Vietnam electronic visa, eVisa Vietnam) for more information about Vietnam visa.


There are 2 ways to get Vietnam visa:

1. Applying Vietnam Visa online (recommended)

This is called VOA, a fast, convenient way to make a visa, and very cheap. Just fill out the online application form on to apply visa and do not need to send your passport to anywhere. When using our services you will be reducing costs. Our service fee is fixed in the fee table, especially no hidden charged, no fail. 

You can make your Vietnam visa through our service anywhere in the world by media such as internet, Internet, Wireless, 3G Mobile Connection. Only after 1 to 2 working hours will you receive a confirmation letter. For normal visas approval letters will arrive within two days but with emergencies we will process your visa from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Stop worrying you will receive an email approval before your boarding time. As soon as arriving at the airports in Vietnam you have stamped Visa. If you need a help we are ready to support 24/7 at the airport.

2. Applying Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate

You have to prepare your passport and related documents and then submit it to the Vietnamese embassy in Norway.

We would like to show you the Vietnam embassy in Norway for your convenience.

  • Visiting address: St. Olavs Gate 21C, 0165 Oslo
  • Postal address: Pb. 6635 St Olavsplass, 0130 Oslo
  • Tel: + 47 22 20 33 00;  Fax: +47 22 20 33 01
  • Consular services: +47 993 43 877
  • Email:
  • Website:

It’s inconvenient for someone when living far. Unfortunately, if your passport or important document is lost, you will not be able to get a visa. So you will spend a lot of time waiting. Furthermore you don’t know how the progress of your application is going on. If you want Visa urgently whether your visa will be ready in time. You will encounter thousands of difficulties and problems if you have problems related to business, education and most importantly health problems… Moreover you can’t restrain expense, eventually have to pay additional cost.

By comparison, you easily find out the prominent advantages of applying Vietnam Visa Online via our website. Do not hesitate to contact us to get one or more.

For more detail, please contact us any time you need.

Dedicated team support always 24/7 at our email or hotline +84 988 88 55 60.


Tourist Visa for
Visa type
1 month single entry $10.pax
1 month multiple entry $12.pax
3 months single entry $25.pax
3 months multiple entry $30.pax
Business Visa for
Visa type
1 month single entry $90.pax
1 month multiple entry $95.pax
3 months single entry $115.pax
3 months multiple entry $130.pax


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christine schönhart frech

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